Plain Creations

Hi I'm Jayne. Mother of two, juggling a couple of jobs and family commitments with some light relief in the form of sewing, knitting, and crochet.
I have been interested in needlecraft since I was quite young and was bought a little tapestry kit. I can remember sitting at the base of my mom's chair passing her the next hexagon to sew to the patchwork quilts that she made for us out of her old dresses.
My Nan was never without knitting needles too, so I suppose that it's in the blood.
I've tried a number of different needlecrafts and settled on Patchwork and Quilting for number of years, which lead to my present job in a fabric shop.
I love making simple but useful bags and accessories from beautiful materials.
My passion is for Japanese inspired fabrics and designs, and clever patterns that make the most of every bit of a piece of fabric.