Janet A. Wilson

I am Janet Audrey Wilson (Jamaican) I am a mother of three children, a legal secretary by profession. I have been employed in several corporation both here in the United States of America and abroad (Jamaica). I am currently a writer/author my children's & short stories, of fiction and non-fiction poems are listed with Amazon KDP. My degree education has been shortened due to my motherhood ambition for which I love and has dedicated my life. I have been reciting poetry and writing since I was three (3) years old. I think it's a little gift which is given, and I now have the opportunity to share my little light with all who sees my light shining . I have been a active, & involved in a volunteer programs and other leadership programs as a youth and adult. My ebooks are short-stories, which are precise to the point, exact, educational and entertaining. I am inspired by nature, rare people, creatures and events. I make notes and write as time passes. As life processes daily I evolve to a greater heights mentally. My e-books bring about human feeling of love, wanting of human needs and compassion with self-esteem, caring, independence and awareness of self. Being with the right people in life is greatness and freedom for success. This media (Amazon KDP) is the beginning of my talent to share and fulfill needs and caring to the cause for a non-violent and civilized society. Please read my stories, they are healing, exciting, educational and fun. Thanks.