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Buck SC 180x240


Fairy Garden Bundle-all in one SC 210x240


Barbie world wallpaper 180x239


St. Louis Cardinals SC 180 260


Mister sc 60x60


Stoned piggy SC 180x240


My spirit animal SC 160x200, small throw


And why should I care SC 180x240


Stained glass Jesus-sc-200x240


F**k it- MINI C2C 96x120


F**k It 180x240


I'm not shprt SC 180x240


Golf Bundle all in one SC 280x280

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Batman pillow 70x70


Stoned Turtle sc 180x220


About Me

I've been crocheting for many years. The only things I enjoy more are my daughters and five grandchildren, Mora, James, Miles, Violet and now Sadie, as well as my husband.

I just recently started designing graphs. After crocheting graphs for nearly 6 years. Im excited about this new venture and I'm really excited to see them brought to life by you.

I grew up in Charleston, S.C.. Spending summers with toes in the pluff mud and salt water on Edisto Island with my siblings and grandparents. That's how I got the name PluffMud Graphs. To honor my family and memories

I live in The Upstate of South Carolina now, but go home as often as I can. I'm a die hard Clemson Tiger Football fan. Go TIGERS!!

Hope you enjoy my patterns. keep checking back for new ones:)

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at

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