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Hey there, we're Powerhouse Talent!

We're an employer branding and culture agency on a mission to democratize this work making it accessible to passionate HR and talent attraction professionals.

We work with incredible organizations helping them craft powerful employer brand (and award-winning) strategies that help to transform and enrich cultures. 

We love doing this work but know that there are many practitioners who crave this information but may not have the budget to engage an agency. Enter Powerhouse talents online learning school!

We've packaged up so much of our thinking, tools, templates, and strategies...and simplified them to make our courses bite-size and action-packed helping you get to the finish line faster! 

We are a proud CultureTalk Certified Partner and are so excited to share the many ways that this work can enrich your organization's culture, employer brand, and attraction capabilities. 

It's time to power up!

Turn training into transformation!

Warning...May Cause Clarity, Motivation, and Action!

More Personality and Fun

Are you oh so ready to learn in a human, fun, and engaging way? Peace, love, and meaningful careers!

Action Oriented Learning

Forget practice exercises! Who has time for that? Let’s learn and create together to help accelerate your people practice.

Get Inspired for Progress!

Let's take complex concepts and transform them into a simple and clear step-by-step plan of attack!

Power Up Project

Are you a non-profit organization? Be sure to use promo code NONPROFIT20 to receive 20% off. Let's power social good!

About Powerhouse Talent Inc.

Powerhouse Talent Inc. is an employer brand and employee experience strategy firm. They build award-winning employer brand strategies that assist in enriching cultures. They help organizations stand out in a sea of sameness and discover their best selves to foster a cultural metamorphosis and ignite employee engagement.

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It’s time to power up!