ARE YOU A SMALL FISH IN A BIG POND? IF SO YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. ​ ProcXpert prides itself by sharing 15 years of strong procurement expertise and experience across multiple services and industries. ProcXpert was created with an aim to support small to medium size suppliers who daily struggle to meet the requirements of their potential large clients due to some financial constraints and lack of competitive advantage on the market. ​ Our goal is to help our clients delivering some efficient tenders & pitches in order to lead to some secured well negotiated commercial terms and help them implementing some cost effective solutions within their organisation. ​ As global competition intensifies, the importance of managing effectively and strategically the 'procurement’ of goods & services continues to grow within the organisations. A key factor in the procurement profession’s evolution is that a typical organisation spends 50% of its revenue on procured goods and services and any reduction in that 50% of spend has a direct impact in improving bottom-line profitability.