Hey, I’m Tünde, I am the creator and the founder of the Pure Beauty Factory.

 Let’s make dreams reality together!

My name is Tünde, and I am the voice behind the purebeautyfactory.com.

I decided to start this business to be able to live a healthy and wealthy lifestyle that I always wanted.

This business and lifestyle give me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams and to have the financial freedom that I wanted. Nevertheless, it allows me to travel to places I always dreamed about and to have time for my loved ones.

I started this journey when we decided to have a family, to move to a new country, and all this at the same time. Fortermorere, this change required an entirely new version of me, so I decided to reinvent myself. I ’m, totally grateful for that decision. Even it was not easy at all.

Honestly, the best decision was to become an entrepreneur and take lay financial freedom in my own hands!
Now, I’m doing what I love, and I’m helping help other women to have the financial freedom they always wanted.

Let’s make a difference together and let’s make more dreams of reality living a healthy and wealthy lifestyle!