Qiana Smith

“Qiana Smith was born in Houston, Tx. and spent the majority of her life in Hammond, La. She is the mother of three beautiful children. She is an active and distinguished educator in her hometown. She has her certification in Elementary Education 1-5 and a Masters in Educational Leadership and Supervision. Qiana has strived to be an active voice in her community. In October 2018, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, she was asked to share some of her experiences with domestic violence through a social media post on Facebook. This sparked an instant reaction from many of her followers. Never did she imagine the impact of her story on so many woman struggling to find a way out of similar situations. Qiana wanted to find a way to publish her story with a wider audience. Therefore, when presented with the offer of doing this anthology she was onboard instantly. She was hesitant in the beginning because of backlash and threats from the opposing party’s family, but she knew God was sending her on a mission. The flame ignited in her heart and her story is one that will leave a lasting impression on women who struggle with the trials of domestic violence.”