I was born in Caripito, an oil field of the Creole Petroleum Corporation, in September 1961.  Caripito is an oil population of the Monagas state in Venezuela, located in the east of the country, and by the time of my birth, it had 75,000 inhabitants.

My parents were educators within the educational system of this oil company. My mother has a degree in education for exceptional children and my father is a professor of Spanish and Literature, as well as the director of a school in another education center, within the same oil school system. I am the second of 7 brothers, and we are 5 males and 2 females.

I lived all my childhood in this hometown. I studied elementary school at the Libertador Bolivar school in the town of Quiriquire, in Monagas state. High school degree in the city of Maturin and the Jose Felix Ribas Militarized College, in Caripito.

I studied Computer Engineering at Simon Bolivar University in Sartenejas, Miranda state.

I worked as director of informatics for the largest savings bank in Venezuela, CASEP, and held this position for 5 years.

I worked as Application Software Director in a pioneer company of bioanalysis laboratory automation for 6 years and then founded my own communications company, in the area of cable television, serving the town of Puerto Cabello, in the state Carabobo.  My position in this company was the Director General.

I am a lover of Jazz and classical music. I like tennis, kissing and soccer, and I appreciate every moment shared with the beings I love and whom I respect.

In other aspects of life, I was a student at the Rosicrucian School and the Traditional Martinist Order, reaching the degree of Unknown Philosopher in this last school.

I have studied and compared Judeo-Christian and other religions such as the Science of IFA and the Osha Rule, and researched the social, cultural and anthropomorphic manifestations of many cultures and traditions.

In others hands, I'm passionate about cooking ... in fact, I've had 4 restaurants. 3 in Venezuela and 1 in Panama Republic.

And, currently, I am a part-time writer, combining my daily obligations with my new passion: writing.