Real Leaders Solutions

The authors are the founders of Real Leaders Solutions (RLS), Amirul Iskandar & Elin Arjuna. They have more than 15 years of experience in training in the country and overseas. Amirul has a degree in electrical engineering from Queens' University of Canada, while Elin has a degree in accounting from the University of Malaya. They both worked with various organizations and companies. In addition, they also were hailed as successful entrepreneur in Sydney Australia in 2005 when they were recognized for excellence in their business. They are trainers and motivators who have trained students and entrepreneurs in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Amirul & Elin is also the founder of the largest annual undergraduate conference in Malaysia, the REAL Undergraduate Conference (RUC). Today, Amirul & Elin have trained more than 30,000 students from all walks of life! They are frequently called upon to do trainings at public and private universities, colleges and polytechnics. Their seminars and trainings have been very impactful and the feedback from participants has been very positive and powerful. One of their many passion is health especially when Amirul suffered a heart attack in 2009. It was a wake up call for them. They started to make changes in their lives and made a commitment to live a heathier lifestyle. Since then they have been trained to become Personal Wellness Coaches and now they run and operate their own Nutrition Club to help their community. Amirul & Elin lives in Kuala Lumpur with their three children.