Gina Marie Victorino

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Gina has been writing since her early teens mainly because it came so natural. Although her career focus has been in the Restaurant/Hotel Management and currently in the middle of getting her Bachelor’s Degree, she redirected her priorities after eating Kale. It literally stopped her heart beat for 25 minutes. Even if it were only one life that she could protect it is well worth it. She then took her knowledge by experiences in her life and other resources that held truth without question while other people’s opinions would sift through. Her strong belief in protecting the innocence of mankind and the truth that everything is connect in this universe has been proven in this book. Returning To The Garden of Eden. One of her first promotional sentence read, “What does the apple, the Garden of Eden, the government, and juicing all have in common?” The second promotional sentence was to reinstate the foundation of creation with, “We Are All Created Equal,” because of the fact we are all born with red, white, and blue, blood on earth. This bringing to mind that Jesus was born as human man and that we are still created equal to Him as he is to mankind. She brings light from living outside of the box. In her writing she brings up   Questions that have never been considered and before you can think of What the answer might be, she explains how in this world with all our technology, you can prove to yourself who shot JFK still keeping equal with Jesus. For it is the knowledge and the truth that gives power. She connects the reasons of truth together which gave mankind the health that was always intended, and get you believing that immortality is possible and just a step away. By taking on the action individually it also puts power back in the people and the healthier mankind is, the corruption in the government cannot survive. She shows you how immortality is possible, and at the same time gives you a world that you would want to be instead of dying being a blessing. When the action of health for mankind is acted on, there is no man or women, politician, etc that can keep the corruption alive. It dies on its own.