Rose Publishing

Rose Publishing was founded by John & Mamie Rose of Salem, Oregon. John is a prolific writer of a wide variety of fictional literature including the delightful children's books, 'The Adventures of Jape and Tubbs'. John was the very first Chief of Police in Turner, Oregon (where he was paid $300 per month and he had to furnish his own car, gun, bullets and gas) After his law enforcement days, he went on to investigation work for some of the biggest companies in the country. John used his creative mind and his many personal adventures in life to create fiction that is both entertaining and insightful. One of his titles, 'When the Monster Comes Out of the Closet' is a project that he worked on with one of his students (of investigation techniques), Lori Steinhorst. In that book, Steinhorst shares the personal letters that she exchanged with famed killer Westley Allen Dodd, allowing the readers to truly get inside the mind of this criminal. John has even written a textbook on investigation techniques that continues to be the 'go to' textbook for investigation technique each year. Through 2014, John's books were only available in printed format, but he is now releasing them in digital formats. Contact him at