DNJ shikodhi

"I'm an average guy who loves astronomy. One of my dreams is to reach space. I love writing, because it's like a kind of art which express your ideas, imagination and talent to others. My favorite color is Blue, which symbolizes loyalty and that's why I named my Youtube channel "Loyal Gamer". Yes I am a gamer, a play gta ( San Andreas- *legend), Roblox, Pro- Evolution Soccer, Euro truck simulator 2, Minecraft, online games etc. I enjoy old games than recent ones. 

My favorite song that I love to listen is See You Again and old songs like BURN - Ellie Goulding YOU- Calvin Harris ft Rihannna NOT AFRAID- Eminem and so on. Fast and Furious is my favorite movie franchise; the casts storyline, cars - just wonderful. BMW M5, CHOCOLATE, FRIED CHICKEN - are all I love.

Ps. I'm a Barcelona and Messi fan and believe that Lionel Messi is the goat.