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Reclaiming your Powerful Presence

Divinity Reclaimed is a series of modules Divinely guided in creation.

Sharing proven practices with the intent to consciously expand your powerful presence

Divinity Reclaimed is based on the remembrance of all we truly are, to consciously reawaken our true potential!

  • Become more of who you truly are.
  • Learn proven steps towards supporting your own alignment.
  • Increase your self-confidence, self-acceptance and universal flow.
  • Be guided, supported and held as you uncover all you can be.

'Divinity Reclaimed Series' is a set of 8 Powerful Modules

Teachings to Support your Awakening Journey

"Through Divinity Reclaimed you will learn new ways to be your authentic self, be triggered into remembering that YOU are the most important person in your life. Being adaptable to change and taking a chance will assist you greatly as you move forward towards leading your life in a way that sits well for you"

- Author of 'Living from your True Self' Sariah Sistar

Access via Instant Download of all 8 Modules

The content includes:

💎 Unmasking the veils

💎 Heart Activations

💎 Conscious Remembering

💎 Sovereignty

💎 Awakening Power

💎 Aligning to your Truth

💎 Follow your heart/desires

💎 Soul purpose/mission

Choose individually or as a set,

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'Divinity Reclaimed Series'

The Power of your True Potential

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About Me

Author of 'Living from your True Self', public speaker and blogger, Sariah brings her unconventional ways to inspire, support and remind others of all they can be to awaken their true potential