Savannah Reed

Savannah began typing her thoughts in statuses filling up her Twitter feed. It turned out many (mainly men) loved what she had to say about impassioned relationships. These men and women are not only smart, but they’re passionate, kind, accepting and some, a little bit wild. Inspired by her Twitter followers messages, Savannah began to write short stories about men she had in her life and women who were portions of herself or rare to discover within erotic romance. She continues to take a unique route while writing characters who are equally concerned about pleasure and their partners pleasure, using protection and discussing needs and dislikes. Savannah hopes to encourage deep connections, respect, acceptance and consent. In addition, knowing her fans are predominately male but loving female readers as well, she wanted to break away from the artistic conventions of erotic romance. She designed a gender neutral cover without distancing herself from the themes, using black and white asymmetrical shapes to represent the raw feeling of sensual pleasure, the fight for control, the power and struggle with lust and the intensity of the indomitable. Savannah hopes to help readers purchase her work without the fear of being judged or feeling uncomfortable with the cover. Savannah would love to hear from you! Use Twitter or visit her website to message or email her.