Seed Learning, Inc.

Seed Learning Inc. was established to provide the best language learning products and services for developing our global human resources according to the needs of the 21st century.

The focus of our publications lies in the Four Strands Approach to well-balanced language development. Therefore, all of our publications incorporate meaning-focused input and output learning opportunities, language-focused practice and intentional fluency development for well-balanced language learning. To fulfill our mission, world-class scholars in the field of teaching English, well-experienced native authors, and diverse professional groups of English educators serve as consultants and writers for all our publications.

We are committed to providing publications and services to meet our customers’ needs in creating engaging and effective language learning programs.

As we continue to develop innovative educational materials and training services, Seed Learning will strive to lead the way in R & D and market-oriented business development targeting the best educational solutions for our clients.