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About Self-Discovery School for Women

Self-Discovery School for Women is an online school (with in-person elements) devoted to teachings rooted in The Feminine* for the modern-day world we live in. Founded and run by Jane Cormack, with associate teachers and coaches, we guide, educate and empower intelligent, sensitive, spiritually mature and creative women on deep journeys of self-discovery through, joyful and adventurous terrain. We support women to re-connect with their feminine intelligence; their intuition, natural rhythm, creativity and power, so that they trust in their own voices, have courage to make new or bold choices and become the author of their own lives.

Ultimately, our intention is to guide women back to their true nature, as nature so that they can recognise their unique expression (language), feel a sense of belonging within themselves and the world, and be aware that their voice, presence and purpose matters.

We offer books, online programmes and short courses with a focus on self-discovery through creativity, spirituality, menstrual cycle awareness and connection to the natural world.

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*The Feminine describes the living feminine element or principle that exists through all of life. It does not specifically allude to gender. Teachings of the feminine include all aspects of cycles (menstrual, seasonal, life, birth, death, etc), our inherent intuitive nature (dreamtime, feeling/energy based) and human animal nature.