Diophantus Grey

Good news and bad news. Which one you like to hear first? Well~ I prefer the bad news first. The bad news is I don’t have a story of how I went from Zero to Hero in two-three years to motivate you guys. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to. The good news is I am self-taught guy (or “natural”) who had been recognized as a well-known ladies man since the age of 20; even though, I always try to keep it low profile. If you’re looking for someone who have far more experience, who had been with far more situation, who had seen the truth… congratulation! Good day, my friends. My name is Diophantus Grey and there are three things I like to describe myself as: a women lover who’s highly indulge in satisfying women to the fullest; a psychology freak who immersed in turning theory into real-world application; a creative think who love to eliminate blind spot in thinking and get things done efficiently. I have a great vision for this company and definetly looking forward to make it Big. Your accompany along the way will be deeply appreciated.