Shady Grim

Hello fellow Shadow People; Shady Grim here. My story started much like everyone else's. My formative years were uneventful. I was sent off to night school when I was but a tiny specter where I learned how to read and write, and frighten the Day-Dwellers while they rested. I was a quick study and an above-average student. My parents had high hopes that I would reach the highest level a frightening being could and land a job with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). But I rebelled. I just couldn't bear the thought of spending eternity skulking through a labyrinth of cubicles and being obnoxiously rude to confused Day-Dwellers over the telephone. Somewhere along the way I'd discovered myself and my true calling. I realized that I was a sensitive dark spirit, who much preferred entertaining the Day-Dwellers rather than frightening them out of their wits. That realization has led me to become an author of dire and woeful tales that frighten and titillate Day-Dwellers of a certain bent, those caught between the light and the darkness, those like myself. My mission now is to create beauty woven in shadow, to bring together day and night, and to share my creations with the world.