Sherita Toliver Wright

*Disclaimer*: As of today, I am not a nutritionist or a fitness expert. I am sharing my story and what works for me* I started my weight loss journey in November of 2014. I was tired of pretending to love the body I was in. I loved myself, but I did not love the way I looked. I exercised daily, changed my eating habits and I only drank water. Today I am over 90 pounds lighter. Since the beginning of my journey, I have inspired so many women and men to start a healthy lifestyle. I humbly say that I am grateful and those ladies and men are my true inspiration. I have written an e-book for healthy recipes and have also been issued in an article on and Today I am a health coach. "A Health Coach is someone who makes it easy to follow-through with what you already know you should be doing. A Health Coach is someone who inspires people to grow habits that support their well-being." My purpose is to inspire and motivate people to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.