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The Story of TEA


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An Egyptian Princess and Her Crowning Glory


Valentine's Day Greeting Card


Falling In Love With a North Indian




E - Christmas Card for Sale




The Mystical Island of Langkawi, Home of the Legendary Mahsuri


The Raging


The Poet


How the Never-Ending Story Came to Be


Nature's Five Reflections of Freedom


The Act of Contrition


About Me

Shobana is a poet and writer from Malaysia. She is also a published author. Her books can be found on Amazon.

She started her Free & Discounted Ebooks blog in July 2021, to cater to readers of all ages, especially in her home country.

Her stories speak from the heart and are intended to touch lives.

There are days when her imagination takes her on a magical whirlwind and those are days when fairytales and mystical stories are crafted to awe and indulge in.

Read her stories that will take you on an ever-engaging journey as a reader. Leave a comment, and visit her website: to read more of her books. Happy Reading.