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About Josie's Signal Press Book Store:

Here, you can order personally autographed print books for the following:

Josie Brown

The Housewife Assassin Mystery Series

Totlandia Series - 8 Episodic Novels

Extracurricular Series - 3 Episodic Novels

True Hollywood Lies Series - Hollywood Hunk, Hollywood Whore

Martin Brown

Murder in Marin Mystery Series


In addition to Josie books, the store also has a page where you'll find Martin Brown's Murder in Marin cozy mystery books. Besides being autographed, the store's pricing is discounted from where you'd find them elsewhere:

Trade Paperback: $12.99 - 14.99 (Regular Retail Price: $16.99)

Trade Paperback/Classic Cover $7.99 (Regular $14.99)

Hardcover (case laminate): $24.99 (Regular Retail Price: $29.99)



For up to three books, the shipping and handling fee is is a flat $5.00 (in US only). For more than three books, we've posted our U.S. shipping rates here:

1-3 BOOKS: $5.00

Media Mail; based on number of books in the order, and their weight.

0.50 lbs — 3.99 lbs: $5.00

4.00 lbs — 5.99 lbs: $6.50

6.00 lbs — 7.99 lbs: $8.00

8.00 lbs — 9.99 lbs: $9.00

9.00 lbs — 11.00 lbs: $11.50

12.00 lbs — 13.99 lbs: $13.00

For larger orders, email SignalEditorial(at) gmail(dot)com for weight and cost.