Simplistically Raw

Hey, I'm Grace-Elizabeth. As the Author and Editor of Simplistically Raw I begun this platform as a way to express my thriving passion towards a plant-based, vegan lifestyle inspiring others to lead a happier, healthier and truly compassionate life. As an ordinary 19-year-old documenting my journey of self-discovery I aspire to stress the importance of a healthy physical and mental health by working alongside the charity Beat, raising awareness of Eating Disorders. This platform is a place to creatively discover the realms of life's infinity, a dais to share my yummy vegan treats and capture my many ramblings and anecdotes of the unbounded Universe. Looking for happiness and compassion in life's smallest of things and learning to express gratitude in all four-corners of life is a great triumph and voyage towards being at utmost peace with yourself and the universe. Love and light always, Grace-Elizabeth x