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Tarot As a Tool To an Abundant Life

As a long-time intuitive reader (the tarot and the akashic records), I translate the wisdom of the Universe to everyday practical advice.

Depending on your preference, you can work with me in one of my programs or learn tarot with me in the trainings I provide. They are all aimed at finding practical ways to *do* your life's purpose (instead of only knowing it in theory).

Welcome to my store. Please look around. Let me know if you have questions.

About Me

I am Jolanda, a Metaphysical Mentor for the Messy Middle. It means that I guide you on your path to fully becoming yourself on a soul level. I am a life coach and business coach with twenty-five years of experience with reading the tarot and the akashic records. I am a life coach, business coach, and author of the Tarot Guide for Beginners.

I am passionate about embracing your soul's purpose by living it.

I love writing and teaching how to read tarot cards. Not to find out what the future will bring, but to lead us through the challenges that life brings in a super practical way.

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