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Grave Bargains: A Tale of High-Yield Comeuppance


Testing the Waters: A Mythic Short Story


A Case of Mamma's Love


Dragon Trouble


The Drive-Thru Window


Family Secrets


Feeding Suspicions


The Heron


Moonlight Cruise: A Short Story


The Secret Eater


Space Walk


Transcription of Taxi 6473


The Back Room


Champ (A Novella)


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Who Am I?

Many moons ago I was a scientist in a neuroscience lab where I got to play with brains and illegal drugs. Now, I’m an award-winning indie author who turns wickedly strong tea into imaginative fiction (so, basically still playing with brains and drugs). 


When I’m not creating worlds or killing off characters, I can be found gardening, reading, running, dreaming of my next travel adventure, working as an unpaid servant to three cats and two guinea pigs, or concocting a batch of homemade wine or beer.

You can learn more about my goofy antics at