The Fitness Hamburger

Ali Nematollahi, BASc, is a registered personal trainer and sports nutrition coach in Canada and has worked in the fitness industry for over a decade. Ali is the owner of the Zone Fitness in Vancouver, BC and has helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals. Ali is a canoe and kayak athlete and has competed in dozens of local and national competitions with a dozen finishes in top 3, over the past several years. Ali found his passion in the human body and health during his high school years. Ali went on to receive his personal training and nutrition certifications in 2007 to complement his University education. Ali has always been eager to share his knowledge and experiences with others and that has lead to his numerous teaching positions during his University life. Ali approaches health and fitness from a unique and practical perspective. He believes every person is special and needs an individual approach to health and fitness. With his knowledge, expertise and cognitive skills, he has been able to design and deliver customized programs that have changed the lives of many. Ali believes in sharing his knowledge and helping others. Ali speaks and educates every chance he gets and is not afraid to voice his opinions. With an ability to understand the individual needs of his audience, Ali has always been able to conduct successful debates and deliver rewarding speeches. Ali currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, and enjoys walking, hiking, kayaking, camping, picnic, engaging in health and fitness discussions and spending time with his family. For more information on Ali visit his website: and