Lizeth Garcia Garcia

So much to say....... I will start by saying that I believe in Justice, that I am a mother of two amazing children. They are the center of my Universe. I learn English as a second language in my home Country Costa Rica. I move to the United States looking for Justice and peace, and to give my daughters a better chance in life and as well for them to be in a country were they have roots and blood connection, their father is a U.S. citizen and I am a permanent residence of United States of America. Education is the best gift to your children's. I really enjoy family time, outdoors activities, road trips with my daughters are amazing. I love nature in general and good food as well. I started writing this amazing cook ebook with great ideas for weekdays, and weekends meals. I really need mention my good friend Sigge Hermann came up with the idea of making a baking ebook, I like cooking and planing weekday meals menu for busy moms or busy families. So thanks to the love of my children and my my good friend and Contributor of this book ( S. Hermann ) for their support through hard times this came to reality. Took me many nights to finish this adorable Cooking eBook with very amazing tips for every day life! Thank you so much for buying my first ebook and overall my first ebook ever!