The Music Stories

For a long while now I have been working on what I like to call ‘Music Stories’ which is a short story that is inspired by a song with using the lyrics from that song as the main focus of the characters spoken word. The music videos do not reflect the song and the meaning gets lost or mistaken. Every song is a story to be told and then we take that song and put our own meaning behind it but what if we are putting the wrong meaning behind the songs then our own meanings can’t make sense. Just because a song says ‘You’re Beautiful’ doesn’t mean that the song is a love song and to dedicate it to a loved one is wrong as that is not the songs meaning. A guy was in the subway and he sees his ex with another man (Which is in the lyrics) and the song is about what he felt when he saw that, so how can you dedicate that to your loved one when the song is for an ex and with no meaning to the music video then we can lose the meaning but really we should listen to the lyrics. These stories are to put the lyrics into a different light and hopefully we can see new meanings to the songs and know that every song has it’s own story and it is for us to listen to and to be taken on a journey weather that is your own story close to your heart or a story that your imagination takes you on.