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All About Styling - How to be a Professional Fashion Stylist or Image Consultant resource

All About Styling is an educational resource that is dedicated to assisting anyone who wants to work in the Fashion Styling and Image Consulting industries, but doesn't know where to start.

This is a great resource for students and professionals alike...

Wow! Just Wow!

Congratulations on creating such a thorough and well thought out resource.

It is absolutely perfect for anyone thinking of a career in the image consultant or fashion stylist industry. 

It contains the perfect amount of depth and detail and will save hours of time and energy whilst guiding would-be stylists towards the niche market that best makes their hearts sing.

I wish there was something like this available when I was starting out twenty years ago.

Suzanne Dekyvere


The Dressing Coach

All About Styling Resource - How to be a Professional Fashion Stylist & Image Consultant