Timothy Klaver

Timothy Klaver was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Drawing since the age of four, all throughout High School he had a desire to get into the field of comic book illustration. The more he looked into it, though, the more he realized that he did not want to turn something he enjoyed doing into a burden by always having to meet deadlines. After High School, Timothy took a few traditional animation courses through Timothy Slater's Animation School. This came to an abrupt end due to unforeseen circumstances. In 2000, Timothy graduated from the Internet Graphic Design program at Westervelt College with Presidential Honours. He was on the rise as an extraordinary designer, and even ran his own chat room, called Chat-aholics (for those who love to chat; you know, chat addicts), for nearly 10 years. In 2005, studying to be a pastor, Timothy graduated from the Biblical and Theological Studies one-year program at New Brunswick Bible Institute. He did not feel the leading of the Holy Spirit to return for two more years, but continued in his personal studies, which has led him to where he is today. In 2010, Timothy graduated from the Building Trades program at North American Trade Schools. He still enjoys the satisfaction of making things with his own two hands. Timothy began writing a blog in 2010, called The Berean's Desk, and then gave it a reboot in 2012. In 2010, he wrote his first book, The End Times: Letting the Bible Speak for Itself. Initially, his book was lined up to be published through West Bow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan, but circumstances beyond his control prevented this from happening and it did not get published until 2017. Timothy is presently the author of nearly two dozen books, including The End Times: Letting the Bible Speak for Itself; The Rapture Answer; and Divorcing Divorce. Timothy and his wife, Maria, reside in Ontario with their first child, and their dog, Diamond. Follow Timothy on Facebook and Instagram.