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Teaching Minerals: A Lesson Plan for Ages 8 & Up


Teaching Sedimentary Rocks: A Lesson Plan for Ages 8 & Up


Teaching Igneous Rocks: A Lesson Plan for Ages 8 & Up


Product Launch Quick Start Guide: The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Developing and Launching Your Physical Product


About Me

Welcome! I am Tracy Diane, a geologist, author, and entrepreneur. I own Mini Me Geology, a geology-based product company where I design and produce rock and mineral kits, teaching materials (kits, books, flashcards, games) for classrooms and home school, and offer samples for avid collectors and budding geologists.

I also write adventure and mystery fiction. My first series, the Crystal Cave Adventures is a time-travel series for kids who love a fun mix of geology, science fiction, and adventure. My second series, Penelope Lake Mysteries, is a new cozy murder mystery series. The first book, The Diamond Murder, is due out in 2022.

You can find all of Mini Me Geology’s kits, tools, and samples at:

For a free ebook in the Crystal Cave Adventures series, visit me at: