Rey Clemons

“It happened at one of the most convenient times in my life,” Songwriter/Artist Rey Fonder croons melodically over a low tempo beat referencing an eye disease, called acute retinal necrosis, that nearly took his eyesight. Now gearing up to release a new album with Producer Milds DeVas titled “Sage & Wealth”, a solo project outside of the collective team The Makerz, which Rey and Mild DeVas formed, Milds DeVas and Rey are ready to take on the music industry. With over 300,000+ views on Vevo, his own Artist App with Buzznog (IOS 1TCKy8u, ANDROID ), his first Major Placement with Joachim Garraud (Grammy Nominated DJ from France) on a record called "6 Rue Caumartin Paris Nov 89” and Rey landed a publishing deal with Ultra Music, Several questions inevitably goes through your mind, ‘Who is this kid making all this noise? Who is Rey Fonder?’ Along with music, Rey has a Creative Consulting business where he provides Social Media and Digital Marketing services and tools for Entrepreneurs, along with App development and project management. He states “ I believe in empowering others and the way the tech and marketing has grown, it’s important to demand attention by staying consistent when the world is so busy. Rey also has a clothing line with his partner Tavaghn Monts called Urn “It” apparel. It’s all about Empowering Yourself, Inspiring Others, and Urn “it”. There’s more satisfaction out of working hard for something and achieving it vs being handed something.