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About Me

LaToya Nicole, a multi-talented, four-time Bestselling Author, is also a Certified: Therapon Belief Therapist, a Life Coach, Journal Therapist, a Mindfulness Coach, and Business Coach. LaToya is also a Professional Organizer and creator of S.O.L.O. Coaching & Consulting, L.L.C. & Unaltered Voices Publishing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

LaToya's contributions to several anthologies have equipped her to teach others how to properly facilitate them, providing the tools authors need to build their platforms. Her company, Unaltered Voices, is a hybrid publishing company that offers: Literary Coaching, Self-Publishing Consultations, Anthology Publishing, Manuscript Outlines, & more.

If you have a story to share that will help someone struggling where you once did, or if you are a business owner ready to scale your business by authoring a book, contact LaToya.