You are the Money

Hi! I’m Ráchel, also known as the unshakable optimist. I’ve survived sexual abuse, mental and emotional abuse and deep depression. For a long time FEAR lead life and because of that I never knew how to take control of my goals and dreams, so for a long time I was just merely existing. I had no idea how to live a full life. I was never the smartest or the prettiest and I didn’t have a visible talent. It took me some time to figure out what my purpose was and I suffered for a long time because I didn’t know. But, after many grueling years and finally discovering who I was, I started to achieve success. I do the bold sh*t and I am so happy that I do. I no longer have a limiting mind and it feels so good to know that no matter what you’re currently going through, things will get better. Keep going, keep pushing, I am rooting for you! 

All my love,

The Unshakable Optimist.