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Communication Incident Response Strategy for the Healthcare Industry
Ransomware attacks on hospitals, for example, are high-profile targets for ransomware attacks because they attract a lot of media attention. When hospital employees enter and leave the facility after an incident, staff members are approached by the m...
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The Rise of Ransomware: Cybersecurity Trends 2022
Ransomware has been a hot topic since 2017, with several organizations, such as hospitals and schools, having their data locked until they pay the extortion payments. According to IBM Security’s X-Force research team, the ransomware epidemic has swep...
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Organizational Cybersecurity Awareness Training ‘as-a-service’
Due to increased regulation and a growing emphasis on cybersecurity awareness training and education, companies have become increasingly aware that data security is a valuable asset with enormous latent value in recent years.However, many organizatio...
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