Vegan Pecan

Vegans get a bad rap.  I love rap.  Well, not all rap – just good rap. Maybe I should introduce myself – my name is Michelle.  I love the Lord, Hip-Hop, teaching yoga, and food! I adopted the name Vegan Pecan as an ode to all of who I am -- a Bronx girl, born to Puerto Rican parents and raised in the 80’s.  I love finding ways to “veganize” cultural dishes and digging deeper into what my ancestors ate before meat became so affordable and readily available. I realize that many people in my own family and community believe you have to sacrifice fun, flavor and taste to eat and be healthy. ​ Most of my clients are unfamiliar with the vegan diet and I am super encouraged by that.  I live this way for my own personal health reasons and because I genuinely enjoy it — not because I want to take a political stance or make anyone else feel bad about what they do or don’t choose to do.  HOWEVER, I do want YOU to be the BEST you possible and I don’t believe culture has to be lost on the road to healing. ¡Salúd y bendiciones!