Winifred A. Winston

Winifred A. Winston was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. While in high school, her family relocated to Raeford, NC. This was not an easy transition and she found solace in running. As a fast girl, Winifred ran her way to a High School state championship and Division I athletic-grant-in aid. She also found herself running from childhood trauma and dysfunction. Winifred would later become the victim of sexual assault and her dreams of participating in the Olympics were shattered. 

After transforming from a victim to a survivor, Winifred became a volunteer helping other women and children who experienced sexual assault. By helping others, Winifred found her love of running again and earned the Road Runners Club of America Coaching designation and was recently inducted into her High Schools Athletic Hall of Fame. Now, Winifred is known as an advocate, author, speaker, and coach. 

After working for a public school district, serving as an administrator of a special education school and going through the IEP process with her daughter, Winifred quickly realized African American parents lacked access to accurate information about dyslexia interventions and instructional strategies. With established industry contacts and a desire to help others, Winifred founded Dyslexia Avocation ™ to educate, empower, and equip parents with the tools to successfully advocate for their children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, or other language learning differences. 

Winifred resides in Baltimore, MD with her daughter Logan and serves as Co-Founder of the Decoding Dyslexia Maryland Baltimore City Chapter.