i just wanna introduce myself for a minute here. They call me Young Chitown. I'm 29 Years old right now, raised in the streets of Chicago. I'm not gonna have some fancy biography about me prepared by some professional.So imma just keep it real wit y'all. I been rapping now for about 12 years start taken it for real in 2011. I've always had a love for music,especially hip-hop, rap, r&b, soul, rock, blues & jazz Music has always been something for me to get into when going through life. I listened to lyrics and always wondered how someone could say something on a microphone and have so many people relate to it. So i finally started recording my own songs off of other peoples beats. A mix tape type thing i used to do on my own.i started up my on entertainment company Trunk Music USA Ent in 2011 it started off with a few artist but i had to let them go because of not understand the bIsness & grind of this music game now its only me on my company & i like it this way it give me time to do alote for my self and brand. I have been on 4 different tours and i stay booked up in and out my city on a daily so i'm always on the move and doing something to help my brand and music be seen and hard by those who is willing to give me a listen im not the Hollywood type of artist i keep it all the way real and i stick to who i am because i know its alote of people out there that cant say they doing the same because some feel that its best to not be who you our but i think differently and i think that's why so many people can relate to me and the content of music i put out because its real. In the year of 2014 i released my band new mixtape lost respect 2 i did my own campaign along with touring, street promotion and radio campaigning with out no major backing behind me but with the strength of me believing in my product and staying focus i was about to gain more supporters, fans and get djs to get behind me and be apart of my movement because they believe in me and the music that i am putting out. I stay to my lyrics, and that what makes me different from these other rappers in the game. The ones who make real music that people can relate to stay in the industry and can actually have a place in history. I show love to everyone who shows love to me. I know everyone and they mama rapping nowadays, but most people doing it for the wrong reasons. I make good music from what i think and what people have to me. Just remember the name...Young Chitown.