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Raindrops on Roses


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About Me

Hello, fellow yarn lover! My name is Christy Furlan. I am a knitwear designer from the United States of America but I love traveling all over the world and learning new languages. Knitting has long been a source of healing joy for me - a place where I can relax and revel in beautiful colors, interesting textures, and new ideas.
Now, I am trying my hand at making the whimsy in my heart come to life through knitwear designs. I seek to tell stories through my stitches to sweep knitters away into the whimsical little details so they too can find that happy, yarny place I call home.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via my website (, on Instagram, @yarningforwhimsy, or on Facebook, @Yarning for Whimsy.

I love watching people’s progress on my designs too! Spread the whimsy in the knitting community by using the hashtag #yarningforwhimsy or tagging @yarningforwhimsy on Instagram or Facebook.