Yas Sergersy

Yas Sergersy is is co-author of OneDollar books (http://www .1dollarbs.com), the international chepeast books about information techknology and IT security. He is also co-auther of Hacking web Applications 101 with peter yaworsk, the definitive insider’s analysis of 30 vulnerabilities that paid, released in April 2016 and now in its third foreign language translation. He is also active member at OWASP . Yas Also has experience for 5 years in developing Dot Net Applications , 6 Years of white hat hacking and peneteration testing , he also spended 3 years performing software reverse engineering. Yas is the CEO and founder of Fourneso company , and he was the cheif developer of Rykon Server for windows at FourNeso. Sergersy speaks widely on information system security for organizations and companies .He is currently starting his new company for IT Solutions and general services .