Zack Bowman

In his youth, British-born Bowman had been a book worm and a freelance writer for Fleet Street. In 1933, he struck out on his own to seek his fortune in America where he quickly rose to fame through the column, ‘Hollywood Today,’ which he wrote daily for over 35 years, interrupted only by serving as a war correspondent during World War II. His recent book, The Art of Wealth Mastery – Secrets of The Self-made Millionaires is a personal life experience of how he started his first company, how he succeeded, the mistakes he made and what he learnt when he finally hit rock bottom. Zack explains how he rose to create his new empire and made twice as much as he had lost. Today he carries out seminars all around the world to share his mind, he has spoken for corporate companies and small entities as well. He has changed lives and saved billion dollar corporations from bankruptcy through his lessons and continues to do so till today.