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Zodiac Tome Coloring Book - 24 Pages


Magic & Mindfulness Coloring Book - 20 Pages


Crystal Craze Coloring Book - 30 Pages


Global Goddess Coloring Book - 60 Pages


Halloween Coloring Book - 24 Pages


Steampunk Coloring Book - 30 Pages


Desert Magic Coloring Book - 29 Pages


ZFS Perfectly Patterned Brush Pack


Soft Watercolor Tarot Journal


Butterfly Spell Journal


Spiritual Energy e-Book


ZFS Mermaids & Friends Brush Pack


ZFS Hanging With My Gnomies Brush Pack


Healthy Communication Workbook


Purple Agate Tarot Journal


About Me

Growing up I was that kid who had a pad of paper and a pencil in hand almost all the time, and I enjoyed art and writing. Things were not easy for me as a kid, and so art and fiction became an escape for me - there is so much power in creativity!

For many years I worked with traditional media like watercolor, acrylics and oil, but in 2020 I discovered the beauty of digital art. Interestingly enough, even after 30 years of creating art the transition to digital took some time, but was worth every bit of the effort.

In 1997 I was introduced to tarot cards as a therapy tool, and was almost instantly hooked! Now I have been reading cards for over 20 years, with the last decade or so as a professional. It wasn't long before I saw that there were ways to combine my love of tarot and art with the creation of my own decks. Each deck is based on something that is near and dear to my heart - and are decks that I use in my own professional career with clients.

Several years ago I settled into life in rural New Mexico, and was blessed with the opportunity to be able to make art and tarot my full time job. Now I can stay home with my children (I have six human kids) as well as my five fur kids and some livestock. I am thankful that my life has brought me to where I am today, and I invite you to come along on my journey!