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Broken Wings


Dark Home


The Ivory-billed Woodpecker:Taunting Extinction: Survival in the Modern Era


CRYPTID CREATURES THE TRUTH EXPOSED: Sasquatch, Aliens, Dogman, Wildman


Dancing with the Devil


Spirit Says 2036 Shutdown (Shutdown Series Book 1)


Spirit Says 2036 Shutdown Series Book 2

Searching for Sasquatch (2021, DVD)


Searching For Sasquatch Cahper II: The Watchers (2021,DVD)

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Bigfoot and Steller Jay's River Day


Bigfoot: The Legend is Real (DVD, 2020)


The Mysterious Monroe House (DVD)


Blessed and Cursed: True Encounter Stories


A Wish For Giants (DVD, 2021)


Sasquatch Family Ties (Paperback)


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