GypjaQ /jip-jack/ the 2spirited artist from Harlem NYC brings the noise in their debut album aNvKai:Genesis.

aNvKai, /a-new-kah-ee/, is the dreamed dawn of the new world. A World free from slavery in all regards. aNvKai:Genesis tracks many stories told through a main journey from tarot's major arcana:the fool, the world as a being simply longing to love themselves. Exploring topics like "pussy power" in their song Pussy Bounce and rethinking the need to be seen as acceptable by oppressive social standards in sInnIstIr. aNvKai:Genesis offers zone out, jam out, and dance around vibes that are more than they may initially seem. It even features a collaboration with Azealia Banks called Blown Away, which lets us know this album means what it says and hits hard. Tracks Produced by Stephanie "LawlySe" Lawrence, Paul "Bae_Bro" Wilson, and Bridget Perez, who are soon to release their own projects. They'll be doing a live stream release party on the Gypjaq Kai personal facebook page Wednesday 4/15/2020!! Dive deep into the universe of GypjaQ.


Blown Away ft Azealia Banks OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO (NSFW)