Abraham Sagaraz

Hi, my name is Abraham Sagaraz. I am industrial designer, editor, reviewer, illustrator, book designer and author. I have already written, illustrated, edited, diagramed, and reviewed two books of my own making: one of science fiction and another of short stories. The two books here, and they are in brazilian portuguese. Being multitask can be a tough quest, especially if you need to be an author, captain, reviewer, maid, ninja, writer, jedi, and so many others. That is why I ask for your support this journey. Please consider becoming a patreon of mine. In Patreon you get early access in everything I'm working on and also can enjoy bits of the process. Currently I am working on my new fantasy book.

The goal is to live from my work which is my passion. My style is influenced by authors I love as H. P. Lovecraft, Sir. Artur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, J. K. Rowling, George R. R. Martin. As learn more to write screenplays for movies, games, fantasy books. I already have a good base of the whole production of a book, but I do not want to kepp doing everything myself. I want more friends, readers, partners and you my sponsors and patreons. This New Fantasy book will be sell in here piece by piece, chapter by chapter after I have finished the correction and revision process.