DJ Archambault

For the last thirteen years, I feel God has given me a gift to write. Starting with cancer and other life-threatening health issues God has always been there for me and I have great stories to tell. Any faith-based reader or writer knows what I am talking about. Now it is moretime for a change. With my health issues progressing I have now left Facebook and Twitter and will concentrate writing only on my website at and continue to write paperback books and e-books. All blogs and correspondence will be addressed only through my contact page. I wish to thank everyone who has enjoyed my books and blogs through the years. When you read something that jumps out like a scripture reading and God whispers to your heart. He opens a door and speaks through the story to the reader right where they are in life. I love to use my imagination to write fiction and nonfiction paperbacks and e-books about how God can work in peoples lives while being open to all His possibilities. Some stories stay with us forever whether they are faith-based, western, everyday stories or poems.