Ali Ashraf

Ali is an aspiring author. He has lived to see the agony of his late mother's battle with breast cancer and her eventual loss to it. She was his world. Since her passing, he has explored the world through her foresight lingering in his aspirations. His e-book publications are going to be just one of the attempts at fulfilling those aspirations. Writing has always been his passion since the age of five. His mother instilled the love for reading in him through the nostalgic late 80's era 'Peter and Jane' storybooks. Over the past 13 years, his blogs, short stories and articles have encompassed topics from socio-economic, geopolitical, religious and humanitarian importance, to short stories in the genres of fiction, non-fiction and magical realism. His pieces are anecdotal in nature; something the reader can take away from, thus enriching the reader's thought-process with an alternate view to things. A view that is both refreshing and inspirational. His eventual goal is to one day publish his works as a collage of anecdotal pieces, reaching out to audiences of all demographics. He believes that:“Words have a special place in this world. They have tremendous power to implement change; change within ourselves and to the mosaic of life that we see around us”