WILD AL MEDIA (WAM) is an Independent WILDLIFE DOCUMENTARY FILM Production Company based between SOUTH AFRICA and BOTSWANA.
Focus is at present on WILD AFRICAN ELEPHANTS.
Films for release in 2020 include : 
One hour documentary "ELEPHANT BABY" - about a baby elephant saved after being lost alone in the wild. It is all about baby elephants. 
Short Film "HOW TO SAVE A GO-PRO FROM A THIRSTY ELEPHANT" - exactly what the title suggests. An action wildlife doc. comedy 
In the pipeline are "ELEPHANT SANDS WATER WARS". About the human and elephant struggle for water during the dry season in northeastern Botswana.
And "BOQO THE WILD ONE" - about a particularly boisterous bull elephant at ELEPHANT SANDS, who makes a habit of destroying property and charging whoever might be near him...  
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