Angel Gomez

T: 312.212.4321 ● C: 312.420.0465 ● E: ● W: I believe that improving the way people perform, individually and collectively, leads to work that is more meaningful and worthwhile. That’s why I dedicate myself to working with clients to create and implement leadership improvement solutions for individual executives, their teams and the organizations they serve. Through my consulting, workshops, coaching and speeches, I empower leaders with the means to accelerate their performance. I'm proud to serve as a trusted resource to leading Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, Kraft Foods, Comcast and Allstate, among others. After a great career full of diverse experiences, I’m fortunate to wake up every day and go to work with a real sense of purpose. If you believe what I believe and you believe that the work I do can help improve the leadership in your organization, I’d love to partner with you so we can all succeed in pursuit of a shared cause.