Standup Evolved Fighting System

Where Realism gets Smashed by Fiction and Fantasy. Supreme Crusader for the World Order - Slowing Down Global Warming Fiction Writer. Global Warming Fiction Writing - 1st Person Point of View - See how Sai Borg and the other members of the World Order set about slowing down Global Warming - Follow Sai Borg through his daily Clean Air Martial Arts and fitness routines - See what others can't see. Watch the brains trust of the World Order set about building and using alternative energy sources.- Each Crusader wears an iion suit (Pronounced Eon) which have their individual DNA placements through the suits. See new clean air technologies replacing the dirty Black Gold Companies, oils, coals, and petrol driven machines, including cars and trucks. New inventions such as the iion suit, pulse fusion relay reactors, electric cars, Jet packs, skimmer, sponge shoes, Roo sticks and much more, See how Sai and the World Order spread their message slowly but surely - throughout the rest of the World - No regrets.