Anitra Rice M.Ed., CPC

Anitra Rice is the founder and owner of Head to Heart Educational Coaching, LLC where her mission is to increase parental engagement in inner-city schools one empathetic connection at a time. Anitra holds two coaching certifications one as a certified professional coach and the other as an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner both from the renown IPEC, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching School. Anitra also holds a Bachelors of Art in Music from Michigan State University as well as a Master’s degree in Education from Grand Canyon University. Before coaching and speaking Anitra was a former home educator and stay at home mom. When significant life changes ended that chapter of her life she sought to build a new life as a single mom for her and her three sons. Going back to school and starting over through the Michigan welfare system gave Anitra a firsthand perspective on what people endure as a single parents trying to not only survive but build a better life for their family. Anitra began her traditional career in education as a substitute teacher and para-educator in a low SES populated school. She was heartbroken and alarmed at how far behind students were upon entering kindergarten. Her passion was stirred and so were plans to make a difference. Upon entering coaching school Anitra immediately began using her coaching skills in her classroom and with parents. She naturally made connections with parents that brought the notice of colleagues whom she also began giving strategies to. As an educator and certified professional life coach, Anitra offers an impassioned and critical perspective to approaching parental engagement in inner-city schools. Any schools facing the myriad of challenges inherent with low SES populations will benefit from her seminars and consultations. Anitra inspires, encourages and motivates parents and education staff through private coaching and in school workshops. Outside of the classroom Anitra can be seen speaking and facilitating seminars and workshops on a variety of topics throughout the metropolitan Detroit area. In addition to her coaching and speaking business Anitra is a dedicated martial artist and incorporates her passion in a unique way to motivate and inspire women. In her spare time Anitra enjoys writing as a blog contributor with the Huffington Post. Above all of her accomplishments Anitra is a mother to three young men. It is with her three sons that she resides in southeastern Michigan.